December's Tale - Tsvetaeva

We are too young, to forgive
So, who have dispelled the enchantment.
But, to about it, bygone, do not be sad,
We are too old!

There was a pink castle, as a winter dawn,
As the world - wide, like the wind - the ancient.
We were almost the daughter of the king,
nearly princess.

Father - the magician was, gray and angry;
we, get mad, his tie;
In the evenings, bending over ash,
we conjured;

Deer antlers quickly from drinking blood,
Heart examined in the magnifying glass ...
And he, who would believe, what is love,
It seemed silly.

One evening, came out of the darkness
Sad Prince in dress gray.
He spoke without faith, brother, and we
We listened with faith.

December Dawn looked out the window,
Alleles robkim worlds if ...
He slept and did not care,
We have suffered!

We are too young, to forget
Togo, who have dispelled the enchantment.
But, to again fall in love so dearly -
We are too old!

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