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If you love me, then you're with me, for me, is always, everywhere and in all circumstances.
That, that you at least a month, though the day without me better, than me, it's a good blow.

To me,
Wonderworker of all, that festive, to go out on a holiday do not have anyone. I'll take it now and grohnu on his back and head vymozzhu stone Nevsky!

In this life to die is not difficult,
Make life much more difficult.

Horses never commit suicide, because, They are deprived of speech, they have no way to sort things out.

You're sure to read this letter and think a moment about me. I'm so glad your existence indefinitely, all that thou, even without reference to myself, I do not want to believe, I myself you is not important.

Boris Pasternak: "You like lightning in the sky, and I - in electric irons ".

Today I have a very "good" mood. I also thought the day before yesterday, Fel that you can not live. Yesterday I was convinced, what could be worse - it means, the day before yesterday was not so bad.

Lenin - lived. Lenin - alive. Lenin - will live.

I hope, creed, forever and not come to me shameful prudence!

Beautiful woman - a paradise for the eyes, hell for the soul, and purgatory for the pocket.

Do I love you?
I like, love, in spite of everything, and thanks to all, I loved, I love and will love, Whether you're rude to me or affectionate, my or someone else's. Still I love.

The intelligentsia is a dirty word.

How awful to leave, if you know, that you love and parting, he is guilty.

What the hell, star, even celebrate, unless the person's birthday?

Not a human, and the two-legged impotence.

the, who always clear, the, to my mind, just stupid.

I am writing because, I'm no longer able to think about it.

This time - difficult for the pen, but you say, Kaleko and kalekshi, Where, when, what a great way to choose, trodden and easier to?

Do whatever you want.
want, quarter.
I myself you, righteous, I wash my hands.
only -
hear! —
take away the accursed,
which I made my favorite!

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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