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Here are some of the most famous works of Mayakovsky (If you are familiar, We offer to enter into the category above, there you will find all the other pieces of music):


After all, If the stars are lit -
means - there is someone who needs it?
So - someone wants, that they were?
So - someone calls these plevochki
AND, overwrought
snowstorms in the midday dust,
rushes to God,
fears, I'm late,

kisses his sinewy arm,
asks -
so be sure to be a star! —
klyanetsya -
will not survive this starless flour!
And after
walks alarming,
but outwardly calm.
Says someone:

"Because now you anything?
Not scary?
After all, if the stars
lit -
means - there is someone who needs it?
So - it is necessary,
each evening
over the rooftops
She lights up at least one star?!



An hour away in the alley clean
spilled on your flabby fat man,
and I have discovered many boxes of poems,
I - priceless words spender and ILO.
Here you, the man, You usah in cabbage
somewhere nedokushannyh, half-eaten cabbage soup;
here you, woman, you bleach gusto,
you look oyster things.
All you have to tie poetinogo heart

pile up, dirty, galoshes and without galoshes.
The crowd ozvereet, will rub,
bristling legs Stoglavy louse.
And if today I, rough Huns,
ape in front of you do not want - and here
I zahohochu and happily spit,
spit in the face you
I - priceless words spender and ILO.


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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  1. LondonBit

    hard to read, but interesting. heavy syllable.

  2. Nastya

    I'm very cool to read