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Paris. (Notes Lyudohusya)
Paris. Paris Theater
Paris. life
Paris sketches. Music
The seven-day review of French painting
Paris province
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RSFSR Exhibition of Fine Arts in Berlin 1 Sketches “Autumn salon” and “Paris. Artistic life of the city” (cm. “The seven-day review of French painting”, pp. 233).


(Notes Lyudohusya)


You know, that a bird Lyudogus? Lyudogus - a creature with a neck tysyacheverstoy: he knows better!
In Lyudogusya tremendous dignity: “sublime” neck. He sees farthest. He sees only the main. Similarly, establishing relations of large forces.
In Lyudogusya huge disadvantage: “superficial” head - small is not visible.
Since bukovki - a small thing (even called - “petit!”), and textbooks are written bukovkami, then this distance no object has not been studied thoroughly.
Notes Lyudogusya shine all the qualities lyudogusimi.


On the Parisian art + pieces of life.
To 14 the year it was impossible to issue such notes.
AT 22 year - must be.
Before the war, the pilgrims all over the world flocked to venerate the relics of the Parisian art.
Paris knew by heart.
You can not be interested in the events of the 4th Tverskaya, but do not know the last hundred strokes studio street Jacques Callot?!
Are now more familiar with the poles, than Paris.
Pole - he had no Poincaré. he is sociable.

Cheerful conversations in German consulate

- Visa has?
- There is.
- Your passport?
Protyahyvayu krasnuyu booklet Procedure. At the secretary's hand automatically pulls behind her own back.
- To this we do not put a visa. This must change. visit. Here near the 26th Room.
Sure, know. (Belenky Consulate!) Madame says simply, like a cup of tea offers.
I do wonder and naive person:
- Madame, you, obviously, deceive: our consulate on the Unter den Linden, 7. In the 26 th issue, must be, some fraudulent organization. 26-th number anywhere in the People's Commissariat is not registered. You should investigate this matter.
Madame considers the issue settled. Madame stop debate:
- To this we do not deliver a visa.
- What did you put it?
- Can only on a separate piece of paper.
- On paper, so on paper - I'm not proud.
- Did you go back there again?!
- Required.
Madame surprised to the extreme.
obviously, our “nationalists”, which took place over the years through the Consulate, with such grace, with such ease flitted with Serb subjection to Chinese, my perseverance just looked indecently.

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