We lived in the colors of fossilized vodka - Brodsky

We lived in the colors of fossilized vodka.
Electricity received from afar, You can c,
and the apartment seemed the evening
stained with peat and bitten by mosquitoes.
Clothing was awkward, that betrayed
the proximity of the Arctic. In the end of the corridor
drebezžal phone, barely reviving after
recently the war ended.
Three rubles decorated pilots and miners.
I did not know, that someday this will no longer be.
Enameled kitchen pans
We inspire confidence in the future, willfully
turning in his sleep in hats or
in celebration of Tsiolkovsky. Cars too
They rolled toward the future and were
black, gray, and sometimes (taxi)
even light brown. Strange and frustrating
think, that even the iron does not know his fate
and that life has been lived for the sake of apotheosis
Kodak company, Believe in prints
and throw the negatives.
Birds of paradise sing, without the need for an elastic thread.

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