Summer in the City - Pasternak

talk in a low voice,
And with passionate haste
Gathered up hair
The entire back of the head with a mop.

From under heavy crest
Looking woman in helmet,
Zaprokynuvshy head
Together with all the braids.

A hot outside
The night promises to bad weather,
and expenditures, Sharkov,
Home pedestrians.

Thunder can be heard popping,
gave dramatically,
And from the wind sways
On the window curtain.

there is a silence,
But still hovers,
And still lightning
In the sky wander and wander.

And when the luminous
Sultry morning again
Dry puddles tabloid
After a shower the night,

Look sullenly on the occasion
his lack of sleep
The age-old, pahučie
Neottsvetshie linden.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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