Love - Brodsky

Twice I woke up that night
and I walked to the window, and the lights in the window,
scrap phrases, said during a dream,
nullifying, like mnogotochyyu
I did not bring consolation.

You dreamed of me pregnant, and so,
lived so many years with you apart,
I felt guilty, and hands,
I am feeling happy to belly,
in practice nasharivat pants

and switch. And Brad the window,
I knew, Which leaves you alone
there, In the dark, the COE, where patiently
I am waiting for you, and do not put the blame,
when I returned, break

intentional. For in the dark -
it takes the, that fell through when the light.
We married there, are married, we are
dvuspinnye monster, and children
a justification of our nakedness.

In some future night
you come back tired, thin,
and I see a son or daughter,
yet-untitled, - then I
no turf to switch on and off

hands not last longer, not entitled
leave you in the kingdom of shadows,
voiceless, front fence days,
flowing dependent on waking,
my inaccessibility it.

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