There was a black sky brighten those legs - Brodsky

There was a black sky brighten the legs,
and he could not merge with the darkness.
That evening near our fire
we saw a black horse.

I do not remember anything blacker.
coal, were his feet.
He was as black, as night, emptiness.
He was as black mane to tail off.
But black is another really was
his back,not knowing the saddle.
He stood motionless. It seemed asleep.
Bogey black hoof it.

He was as black, I felt no shadows.
so black, not darkens.
so black, as the midnight darkness.
so black, both inside the needle.
so black, both front Darewo.
As the space between the ribs in the chest.
How well under zemleyu, where the grain.
I think: inside our black.

Still, he was black in his eyes!
It was only at midnight on the clock.
He is to us a step closer.
In his groin reigned bottomless gloom.
His back was too not visible.
There was no light spot.
His eyes gleamed, as a click.
Even more frightening was his pupil.

It was as if he was someone's negative.
Why is he stopping the run,
between us remained until morning?
Why he did not depart from the fire?
Why is he black air breathed,
crushed twigs rustling?

Why the jet's black light eyes?
He was looking for a rider among us.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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