Confession - Lermontov

Day kerosene; in blue dress
Whirling ran Guadalquivir,
And do not care about,
What is beneath it some peace,
For the happiness of alien, full evil,
Luminary flowed south,
carelessly, lush and light;
But in a monastery prison
Playful beam does not pass through;
What a joy to one b
There he offered, if I knew;
chapter bowing, in temnitse he
I sat a young hermit,
Spanish native and soul;
Such was the rock! - what for, for what,
I did not know and could not know anybody;
But the crime charged,
He was not looking for an excuse;
He knew the people and knew the law ...
And I do not expect anything from them.
But here on the steep stairs
sound moves, I opened the door,
And the old man decrepit and gray
He went to prison - what is now?
With regret and hi
Ago, who die in the years color?

"Are you here again! wasted effort!..
Do not speak, that God's judgment
Defines the end of me.
All people, people, my father…
let them perish, my death
Do not continue their existence,
And the days to come my
They do not assign - and blood,
Wrong execution shed,
Blood young madman,
Warm them again not to
hearts, faded long ago;
And without a coffin and stone cross,
How their lives may be the holy,
Do not be weak at their feet
A new step to heaven.
And the shadow of the innocent, believe me,
Do not unlock the door to them of Paradise.
I was not afraid of the grave.
There, they say, suffering asleep
In cold silence eternal,
But sorry to part with the life of me;
I am young, young, - Do you know,
That means youth, dreams?
Or did not know - or forgot,
As he hated and loved,
As the heart bilosya Zhiwei
At the sight of the sun and the fields
With high tower corner,
Where the air is fresh and where sometimes,
The deep borehole wall,
Child of an unknown country,
huddled, young pigeon
Sits, frightened storm!
Let now the beautiful light
Report postıl - a slep, you sed,
And by the desires you have weaned;
What is the need? - you lived, old man;
You have to forget that in the world!
you lived! I also could live!

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