That's how I became a dog

Well, it's completely unbearable!
All as it is bitten by malice.
Angry wrong, how could you:
like a dog the face of the moon is holobol -
I took to
and all overwhelmed.
Nerves, should be ...
I will go out,
take a walk.

And on the street I didn’t calm down on anyone.
Someone screamed about good evening.
Need to answer:
she is a friend.
I feel -
I can not humanly.
What is this disgrace!
I sleep, whether?
Felt himself:

same, as he was,
face is the same, what are you used to.
Touched his lip,
and from under my lips -
Rather covered his face, as if blowing my nose.
Rushed to the house, doubling steps.
I carefully go around the police post,
suddenly deafening:

He passed his hand and - dumbfounded!
Of this,
any fangs cleaner,
I didn’t notice in a mad jump:
from my jacket
the tail has scattered
and curls behind,
big, canine.
What now?

One yelled, crowd growing.
The second added a third, fourth.
Crumpled the old woman.
She is, baptizing, shouted something about the devil.
And when, bristling brooms in the face,
the crowd piled on,
I got on all fours
and barked:
Gav! gav! gav!


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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