Near the sea - Akhmatova


Bay slashed low coast,
All sails escaped into the sea,
I dried the salt plait
A mile away from the earth on a flat stone.
Me sailed green fish,
I flew to the white gull,
I was daring, wicked and fun
It is not known, it is - happiness.
The sand buries yellow dress,
To wind blew, not claimed the tramp,
And he swam far out to sea,
on the dark, warm waves of lay.
when returning, Lighthouse in the east
Already shone variable light,
And I'm a monk at the gate of Chersonesos
Spoke: "What you wander at night?»

Neighbors know - I can smell water,
AND, if they dug a new well,
call me, so I found a place
And people have not labored in vain.
I collected the French bullet,
How to gather mushrooms and blueberries,
And carried by home in the lap
Shards of rusty heavy bombs.
And his sister said angrily:
"When I'm queen,
Rds six battleships
And six gunboats,
To my bay guarded
Until Fiolent ".
And in the evening before bed
I prayed the dark icon,
To hail did not beat cherries,
To a large fish caught
And that sly tramp
I did not notice the yellow dresses.

I drove a friendship with fishermen.
Under the overturned boat often
During a rainstorm was sitting with them,
About the sea listened, memorized,
Each word secretly believing.
And it is to me the fishermen used to.
If I am not present at the marina,
Senior had sent the girl for me,
And this scream: "Our return"
we will flounder fry now ».

He was a tall, gray-eyed boy,
For half a year younger than me,
He brought me a white rose,
Muscat white roses,
And he asked me gently: "Can
Are you sitting on the rocks?»
I was laughing: "What do I want roses?
Just prick hurts!" - "What, —
He replied, - then I do,
If so, I fell in love with you ".
And I felt sorry: "Stupid! —
I asked. - What are you - Prince?»
It was the gray-eyed boy,
For half a year younger than me.
"I want to marry you, —
He said, - I will soon become adults
And I'll go with you to the north ... "
Cried the tall boy,
Because I did not want
neither the roses, or travel north.

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