A little night turns into dawn,
nizhu every day I:
who are the heads of,
who com,
who watered,
who in the lumen,
diverges people in institutions.
Pour rain makes paper,
just come into the building:
selecting about fifty –
most important! –
officials disagree on the meeting.
“Could not give an audience?
I go since _o_na”. –
“Comrade Ivan Vanych went to sit –
Association Theo Gukona”.
Traveled hundred of stairs.
Light is not nice.
“An hour later was told to come to you.
buy ink cups
in an hour:
our secretary,
no no secretary –
Every 22 years
at a meeting of the Young Communist League.
again I climb, looking at the night,
on the top floor of a seven-story house.
“Comrade Ivan came Vanych?” –
“at the meeting
A Be-you-G-de- e-hg-Horticulture-coma”.
of meeting
I am intruding avalanche,
wild curses road pitted.
And I see:
sit half the people.
About devilry!
Where is the other half?
“stabbed to death!
I am moving around, orya.
From the terrible pictures crazy mind.
And hear
spokoyneyshyy voice Secretary:
“ONET at two meetings at once.
In a day
meeting on the twenty
it is necessary to keep up with us.
Inevitably have razdvoyatsya.
From the waist up here,
but other
With the excitement did not fall asleep.
early morning,
To meet a dawn dream early:
“ABOUT, at least
one meeting
regarding the elimination of all meetings!”

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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