Yes. So dictates inspiration - Block

Yes. So dictates inspiration:
My dream Free
All clings to, where humiliation,
where the dirt, and gloom, and poverty.
There, there, humbler, below, –
From there, the visible world a ...
You Are children seen in Paris,
Ile beggars on the bridge in winter?
At impenetrable horror of life
Discover soon, open your eyes,
While a great storm
All dared not in your homeland, –
Give anger right to ripen,
Is prepared to work hand ...
You can not - let melancholy and boredom
As you accumulate and burn ...
But - this false life
Rumyana fatty erase,
As timid mole, the world
Zaroysya into the ground - there stand still,
All his life cruelly hating
And despising the light,
Let the future without seeing, –
Days this rumor: not!

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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