Warm words here and what vices (almost anthem)

You, who labored, sapogi you chistishy,
accountant or assistant buhgalterova,
you, whose face from business and toschischi
wrinkled and green, as a three-ruble note.
Tailor, eg. What you for
these pants brought to fitting?
You totally do not have an uncle,
and if there, the poor, not MRET and not in America.
I'm telling you, well-read and intelligent:

or Pushkin, our Shtepkin, nor Vrubel
or line, or posture, no paint a far-fetched
They did not believe - and believed in RUR.
Live ironing and scissors ranitsya.
Already Sedin beard perevyl,
but I saw you ever, how Pomeranian
growing confidence and growing on a tree?
You sweat and toil, toil and sweat,
vytelyatsya and will pull in some children,
boys - accountants, girls - assistant, such and such

will sweat, sweating like these.
And yesterday I, not raped anyone,
I took in the "piece of iron" on the sixth hand
three thousand two hundred - a hundred.
Nothing, if a, put a finger to his mouth,
scoff, helped if the,
I have such-and-such an ace
gently with your fingernail marked.
Igročeskie eyes from the night

gleamed, as two of the ruble,
I unloaded someone, as a persistent working
ship unloads cargo hold.
Glory ago, who first found,
how easily and Tricks,
Cleanliness and good
pockets neighbor turn and shake!
And when they say to me, that labor, and further, and further
like horseradish rub on a rusty grater
I kindly ask, taking for a shoulder:

“And you are drawing to five?”


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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