Dream - Yesenin


In a dark grove on green firs
Gold leaf lingering willows.
If I go out on a high bank,
Where calmly lapping bay.

two moons, shaking their horns,
Fouled yellow smoke swell.
Surface of a lake with no distinction grass,
Quietly crying in the swamp bitterns.

This voice obkoshennogo meadows
I hear the familiar call of the heart.
You call me, my friend,
Mourn at the sleepy shores.

For many years I have not been here and a lot of
Meeting and separations seen merry,
But always kept to myself I strictly
Delicate fold your hands hazy.


A quiet young man, chuvstvuyushtiy quietly,
Doves kissing mouth, –
Slender figure with a slow gait
I loved you, my dream.

I wandered through the cities and villages,
I've been looking for you, Where do you live,
And with a laugh, high-spirited and fun,
you often have beckoned to Rye.

Outside the fence of the monastery kroyas,
I once entered the white temple:
Blue water Sun moyas,
I stole your rushed to feet.

I stood, as a monk, in a blaze of scarlet,
Suddenly choked silence ...
You walked under a black veil
AND, poniknuv, It has become the window.


On the porch under the bell buzzing
You went to the incense candles.
And I could not, gently trembling,
Do not touch your hands and shoulders.

I wanted to tell you so much,
What tormented soul from the earliest times,
But smoked Byway
In nezakatnom hollow Lakes.

You looked silently at the valley,
Where in the grass creeping curly darkness ...
And fell sparse gray hair
With your faded brow ...

Almost paled creases from clothes,
AND, It seemed in keeping with the dark waters, –
leaving, I chewed my hopes
your toothless, mumble mouth.


But not for long tormented soul cold.
as a wing, clinging to her legs,
New box feelings I laid them
And he went on to new shores.

without seam pulled in the heart of the wound,
passion faded, and love is gone.
But again you came out of the fog
And there was a beautiful and bright.

you whispered, zaslonyas hand:
"Then see, I young.
This is the life you scared me,
I'm all like air and water ".

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