There are bright joy in the shade of the bushes - Yesenin

There are bright joy in the shade of bushes
Cry about last home shores
AND, the first streaks of gray caressing the forehead,
With pleasant pain blame on fate.
us another, any thoughts on the lips Babi
Not maturing in her words tihomudryh,
But there is in it, as faith, living the dream
To bring the invisible light mouth.
We love it in the evening, over the river oats,–
And the young men swift hair Medyn.
Shaking the eyebrows with its ghostly smoke,
We were sweet on the mysteries tell them.
There are gentle gentleness, sitting on threshold,
Sunset and pray canonized roads.
In sprinkled with groves, on compressed fields
Sad to think about our Founding days.
For otcheyu tale, for ringing the rafters
He carries it rustle unknown wings ...
But firmly in the plains feather grass meadows
It rests the truth of parental dreams.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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