himself, favorite, I dedicate these lines the author

severe, as a blow.
“Caesar what is Caesar - God of gods”.
And this,
like me,
poked where?
Where to me destined lair?
If I was

as the Great Ocean, —
on tiptoe b waves rose,
tide caress the moon.
Where to find my favorite,
this, as I?
This would not fit in the tiny sky!
ABOUT, if I was a beggar!
Like a billionaire!
Money heart?
Insatiable thief in it.

My desires unbridled horde
not enough gold all the Californias.
If I be tongue-tied,
or Petrarch!
Soul to one spark!
Verses enjoin her istlet!
And the word
and my love -
Triumphal Arch:

completely pass through it
mistress of all the centuries.
ABOUT, if I was
like thunder, —
would whine,
trembling seized land would decrepit monastery.
if all the power

vyrevu huge voice -
comet hall burning hands,
rush down longing.
I'd rays eyes nibbled night -
about, if I was
like a sun!
It is very necessary to me
radiance my drink
land emaciated Lonza!

will pass,
lyubovyschu my drags.
At one night,
I conceived what Goliaths -
so big
and such unnecessary?


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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