Lilichka! instead of writing

Tobacco smoke air vyel.
bathroom -
Head in Kruchenykh hell.
Remember -
for this window
for the first time
thy hand, ecstatic, stroking.
You sit here today,
heart of iron.
Day yet -
may be, swear at.
The muddy front will not fit
broken trembling hand into the sleeve.
body in the street, I'll throw.
despair excise.
Do not let it happen,
let us part now.
Does not matter
my love -
heavy weight -
visit on you,
wherever he fled b.
Give bellow a final cry
bitter disgruntled complaints.
If the bull to exhaustion -
he leaves,
razlyazhetsya in cold waters.
Besides your love,
to me
no sea,
and in your love and not crying begged vacation.
Tired elephant wants peace -
Regal lie in the sand opozharennom.
Besides your love,
to me
no sun,
but I do not know, wherever you are and with whom.
If so tortured a poet,
beloved for money and glory traded,
and I
no sound is joyous,
but the sound of your beloved name.
And in the spring not broshusy,
and do not drink poison,
and the trigger will not be able to push above the temple.
Above me,
but your glance,
no power no knife blade.
tomorrow you'll forget,
that you are crowned,
that soul blossoming love burned,
and the whirling carnival of trivial days
ruffle the pages of my books ...
The words of my dry leaves if
make stop,
greedily breathing?
give at least
last tenderness vystelit
leaving your step.

26 May 1916 r. Petrograd

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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