Go out on the porch - listen - Tsvetaeva

Go out on the porch - I listen,
In the lead enemy - crying.
sultry night,
The lights in the distance, Cossack village.

And in the afternoon is not good - the suburbs:
Rumble on the pavement droshky,
Asks the beggar groshik,
Yes guys chase the cat,
Yes grasshoppers in the grass - jump.

The black shawl, with more Rosanna
on his chest, - as the evening wears off,
With ryzhekudrym, pink,
merry Ozora
Razlûbeznye - lead - words.

Silver I did not load with presents,
Close-pearl mother,
Perstenkom with pinky.
Potsennee want goodies:
Above stanicej - AREVA!

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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