Tsokotukha fly – Korney Chukovsky

Fly, Fly - Tsokotuha,
Gilded belly!

The fly went across the field,
Fly found the money.

Fly went to the bazaar
And I bought a samovar:

“Come, cockroaches,
I will treat you to tea!»

Cockroaches came running,
All the glasses were drinking,

A bukaški -
Three cups
With milk
And a pretzel:
Today Fly-Tsokotukha
Birthday girl!

Fleas came to Fly,
They brought her boots,
And the boots are not simple -
They have gold clasps.

I came to the Fly
Granny bee,
Honey brought…

Eat jam!
Or don't you like
Our treat?»

Suddenly some old man
Our Fly to the corner
Pulling -
Wants to kill the poor,
To ruin Tsokotukha!

"Dear guests, Help!
Slay the villainous spider!
And I fed you,
And I gave you drink,
Don't leave me
In my last hour!»

But the worm beetles
По углам, on the cracks
Under sofas,
And the goats
Under the benches,
And the insects under the bed -
Do not want to fight!
And no one even from the place
Will not move:
Lost, perish,
Birthday girl!

And the grasshopper, and the grasshopper,
Well, just like a man,
Скок, jump, jump, jump!
For the bush,
Under the bridge
And silence!

And the villain is not joking,
He twists his arms and legs with ropes,
Sharp teeth sinks into the heart
And she drinks her blood.

The fly screams,
Breaks down,
And the villain is silent,

Suddenly from somewhere flies
Little Komarik,
And it burns in his hand
Small flashlight.

"Where is the killer, where is the villain?
I'm not afraid of his claws!»

Flies up to the Spider,
Takes out a saber
And he at full gallop
Cut off my head!

Takes a fly by the hand
And leads to the window:
“I hacked the villain,
I set you free
And now, душа-девица,
I want to marry you!»

There are bugs and boogers
Crawling out from under the bench:
"Glory, Glory to Mosquito -
To the winner!»

The fireflies came running,
Lit the lights -
It became fun,
That's good!

Hey, centipedes,
Run down the path,
Call the musicians,
Let's dance!

The musicians came running,
The drums pounded.
Good! good! good! good!
Fly dance with a mosquito.

And for her Klopp, Bedbug
Boots top, top!

Goats with worms,
Insects with moths.
And horned beetles,
Men are rich,
Hats are waving,
They dance with butterflies.

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