stolen sun – Korney Chukovsky

The sun walked across the sky
And ran behind the cloud.
I glanced at the hitch in the window,
It became dark for the hitchhiker.

And magpies-
Rode through the fields,
They shouted at the cranes:
“Upstairs! above! Crocodile
The sun in the sky swallowed!»

Darkness fell.
Don't go for the gate:
Who got on the street -
Lost and lost.

The gray sparrow is crying:
"Come out, Sun, probably!
It's a shame for us without the sun -
There is no grain in the field!»

Bunnies cry
On the lawn:
Lost, poor, out of the way,
They can't get home.

Only goggle-eyed crayfish
They climb on the ground in the darkness,
Yes, in the ravine behind the mountain
Mad wolves howl.

Sooner or later
Two rams
Knocked at the gate:
Tra-ta-ta and tra-ta-ta!

"Hey you, beasts, exit,
Crocodile wins,
To greedy Crocodile
The sun turned up to the sky!»

But the shaggy ones are afraid:
"Where are we to fight with such!
He is both formidable and toothy,
He won't give us the sun!»
And they run to the Bear in the den:
"Come out, you, Bear, to the aid.
Full paw for you, idler, suck.
The sun must go to help out!»

But the Bear is reluctant to fight:
He walks-walks, Bear, swamp circle,
He cries, Bear, and roars,
He calls cubs from the swamp:

"Oh, where are you going, fatty, perished?
Who are you to me, старого, threw?»

And in the swamp, the Bear prowls,
Looking for cubs under the snags:
"Where are you going, where did you go?
Or fell into a ditch?
Or crazy dogs
You were torn apart in the dark?»
And all day she wanders through the forest,
But nowhere does he find bears.
Only black owls from the thicket
They goggle at her.

Here the hare came out
And she told the Bear:
"It's a shame to the old roar -
You are not a hare, a Bear.
You go, clubfoot,
Scratch the crocodile,
Tear it apart,
Rip the sun out of your mouth.
And when it comes again
Will shine in the sky,
Your kids are furry,
Fat-headed cubs,
They will run to the house themselves:
"Hi, дедушка, we are here!»

And got up
He growled
And to the Big River

And in the Big River
And in his teeth
No fire burns,-
The sun is red,
Stolen sun.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky