Miracle tree – Korney Chukovsky

Like our Miron
A crow sits on the nose.

And on the tree there are ruffs
Build noodle nests.

The ram sat on the steamer
And went to the vegetable garden.

In the garden, in the garden
Chocolates grow.

Like ours at the gate
The miracle tree grows.

Miracle, miracle, miracle, miracle

Not the leaves on it,
Not flowers on it,
And stockings and shoes,
Like apples!

Mom will go through the garden,
Mom will pick from the tree
Shoes, boots.
New overshoes.

Dad will go through the garden,
Dad will pick from the tree
Masha - leggings,
Zinke - boots,
Ninke - stockings,

And for Murochka such
Tiny blue
Knitted shoes
And with pompons!
That's what tree,
Чудесное дерево!

Эй вы, guys,
Bare heels,
Torn boots,
Tattered overshoes.
Who needs boots,
Run to the miracle tree!

Bast shoes are ripe,
Valenki ripe,
What are you yawning,
Do not cut them off?

Tear them, poor!
Tear, barefoot!
You won't have to again
Flaunt in the cold
With bare heels!

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