Carnation - Brodsky

M. B.

One of these days, in one of these days,
the more notable, that strong
rain bangs on the glass and almost
ring a bell (to enter the room,
where the table recognizes her in another,
and tea glasses - senior);
then it below, above the floor
topochet on ladder marches
and then it spreads in the glass;
and the Alps are piled on the table,
and, like an eagle, hovers in the gorges of the fly; —
in the cold, and then in the heat
you all Shata, like a shadow, and deaf
under his breath murlychesh songs. As always,
and the tea has cooled. Cold water
the evening will drive you out of the room
the kitchen, where creaking chair
and gas burner Rumble
fill your ears,
drown out all the other people's voices,
and the fire itself, glowing blue,
swallow, blinding your eyes,
leaving ashes - miracles! —
suchki calendar and dial.

But, Kettle removing, you look at the ceiling,
admiring cracks system,
without turning off the black stalk
with buzzing and burning chrysanthemum.

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