Aria - Brodsky


Something from another
opera, such as Verdi.
Little did at hand?
In general - in a whirlwind.
Indifferently about someone.
Difficult to follow
Ptichkin language.
If only without content.


Soon I polsta.
Vaughn gonoshitsya beaver
sheared bush.
Vaughn changing the face,
outlines how the ice floes,
gauze celestial clinics.
What is it, I - one?
Or went into the raspberry bushes?


pink graven image
Here I set myself.
In two steps - the ocean,
water place without rules.
It is unlikely that there is anyone,
except for the sun, sits down,
both managed to whisper
airplane bird.


Something about the spiral
in the tower. I pro araba
and about his seraglio.
This is a rare woman
if not sin.
Thought must be clear.
If the throat tickle,
tap dancing, you can take the risk.


The day passed. bee
whispers in Polish "zbrodnya".
It is better to cry yesterday,
than today. Today
because we cry,
what, Prostor gave podoshvam,
rock, reasons not schadya,
marking time in our past.


Brother, lose the thread,
"Mole" says gingham.
Look not to drop
below, than the next boot.
In landscape - features
inverted pocket.
orphans singing
happy music lover.


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