Autumn forest - Pasternak

Autumn forest zavolosatel.
It shadow, and dream, and silence.
no protein, no night owl, nor woodpecker
He did not wake from sleep.

And the sun, along the paths of autumn
It includes on the side of the day,
Around glances with fears,
Not hidden whether it trap.

It swamp, bumps and aspen,
And moss and overgrown with alder,
And somewhere in the forest bog
Sing in the villages of the roosters.

Cock your shout progorlanit,
And here he is again permanently stopped,
As if he were engaged in meditation,
What is in this sense zapevke.

But somewhere in the far nook
crow neighbor.
As the hour of the guardhouse,
Rooster respond back.
He will respond like an echo,
And so, for cock cock
celebrate pharynx, as a milestone,
East and west, north, south.
According cock roll
Make way to the edge of the forest
Again, see the habit
Field and the distance and the sky blue.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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