Music - Pasternak

The house loomed, as a maypole.
The cramped stairs coal
Carrying two piano strongman,
As the bell of the bell tower.
They dragged up a grand piano
Above the urban expanse of the sea,
As with the tablet of commandments
On the stone plateau.
And in the living room tool,
And the city to whistle, Forests, game,
As the water in the bottom of the legends,
At the bottom left underfoot.
The tenant of the sixth floor
On earth I looked from the balcony,
How would her hands holding
And it vlavstvuya legally.
Returning inside, he played
Not somebody else's someone else's play,
But his own idea, choral,
Gooden Mass, the rustle of the forest.
Peal improvisations bore
Night, flame, the thunder of fire barrels,
Boulevard under the shower, wheels knock,
street life, the fate of individuals.
so at night, by candlelight, instead
Former naively straightforward,
His dream recorded Chopin
On the black vypilke lectern.

Or, get ahead of the world
Four generations,
On the roofs of city apartments
Storm thundered Ride of the Valkyries.

Or conservatory hall
When the infernal roar and crackle
To tears Tchaikovsky shaking
Paolo fate and Franchenko.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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