Margarita - Pasternak

Tearing bushes on itself, as a snare,
Marharytynыh stysnutыh ​​lips lylovey,
hot, than the eye Margaritin protein,
beat, shtelkal, He prevailed and beamed Nightingale.
He is like the smell of grass came. He as mercury
Ochumelov rain hung between cheremuh.
He bark stupefying. choking, when cape
looms. He remained hanging on the spit.

AND, When the astonished hand holding
over his eyes, Margarita attracted to silver,
it seemed, branches under the helmet and rain
He fell back exhausted in the Amazon forest.

And the back of the head with his hand in his hand,
A friend back wrung, where lay,
where stuck, where hung its hat shadow,
Tearing bushes on itself, as a snare.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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