When a deadly crackling creaky pine - Pasternak

When a deadly crackling creaky pine
The whole grove buries humus,
story, nerublenoyu dense forest
Other trees you get up in front of me.

For centuries, the small nerves sleeps Wicker,
But once in a century or two and then
Shoot game and catch poachers
And porubschika lead ax.

Then, fuss Lozin Glusha neighborhood,
Above thicket begins to occur
Servitors and terrible corporeality,
Medal of wood and forester.
Cracking steps komplektsii solid,
And the illuminated forest rises from slumber,
Above it floats a smile disabled
Fleshy cheeks Chinese lantern.
Do not we rejoice, shout to a scream
We admire the glow, and he,
He just paint hvachen, how podagrik,
And the bright, that the dead, how lamp.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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