For a week not a word to anyone I will not say - Akhmatova

For a week not a word to anyone I will not say,
All on a rock by the sea sitting,
And I'm a pleasure, it splashing green waves,
Like my tears, Solon.
There were spring and winter, but something one
I remember only spring.
Become warmer nights, snow melts,
I went to look at the moon,
And he asked me quietly stranger,
Between Pines met one:
- You do not whether that, I'm looking for someone around,
About that from infancy,
How about a cute sister, fun and sad? —
I am a stranger answered: - No!
And as the light shone its Podnebesny,
I gave him my hand,
And he gave me a mysterious ring,
To protect me from the love.
And he called me four signs of the country,
sea, round the bay, tallest lighthouse,
And just indispensable - wormwood ...
And how life began, even if it ends well.
I said, what do I know: Amen!

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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