Rhyme, sonorous girlfriend - Pushkin

Rhyme, sonorous girlfriend
inspired leisure,
inspired work,
you stopped, speechless;
Brother, uzhel you flew,
changed forever!

In the old days, your sweet prattle
Pacified heart palpitations -
Lulled my sorrow,
you caress, you beckoned,
And back away from the world
In the enchanted distance.

You, happened, I listened to,
For my dream fled,
Like an obedient child;
Then, free and jealous,
Willful and lazy,
With her jokingly argued.

I'm with you not part,
How many times have obeyed
Whims of your high-spirited;
As a lover good-natured,
condescending obedient,
I was bruised and love.

ABOUT, whenever you came
In days, the crowd in the sky
Olympic family!
You would have lived with her,
And divinely shone b
Pedigree your.

Taking the divine lyre,
It would have told the world
Geziod or Homer:
Phoebus one day Admetus
Near the shady Taygeta
Herd dog, ugrûm and cheese.

He wandered into the dark forest,
And no one, strašasʹ eves,
Il of the goddesses of the gods
He did not dare to visit -
God lirы and played,
The god of light and poetry.

Remembering the first date,
Sweeten his suffering
Mnemosyne ran.
And a friend of Apollo
In a quiet grove Helikon
The fruit of enthusiasm gave birth.

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