Am I jealous dreams just - Pushkin

Do forgive me jealous dreams,
My love crazy excitement?
You are true to me: why do you love
Always scare my imagination?
Surrounded by a crowd of fans,
Why would you want to all look cute,
And all gives hope empty
Your lovely eyes, the gentle, is dull?
I mastered, my mind is clouded by,
Confident in the love of my poor,
You not see, when, in their passionate crowd,
conversations stranger, alone and silent,
I am tormented disappointment lonely;
Not a word to me, or other cruel sight ...!
L want to run: with fear and entreaty
Your eyes do not follow me.
Does beauty gets another
Ambiguous conversation with me:
calm you; cheerful thy rebuke
me Dead, Expressing love is not.
Tell me more: Eternal my opponent,
For a single catching me with you,
Why you are greeted by ado?…
What is he to you? Tell, what right
He has pale and jealous?…
The indiscreet hour between night and light,
without mother, one, half-dressed,
Why should you take it?…
But I love ... on a single to me
You're so gentle! your kisses
since the flame! your love words
So sincerely full of thy soul!
You are ridiculous torments my;
But I love, I understand you.
My dear friend, do not torment me, pray:
You do not know, how much I love,
You do not know, how hard I suffer.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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