Extinguished Daylight - Pushkin

Extinguished daystar;
Sea blue evening mist fell.
Forests, forests, obedience fan,
Worry beneath me, moody ocean.
I see the distant shore,
Earth magic midday edge;
With excitement and longing to strive I,
Memories intoxicated ...
And I feel: in the sight of her tears were born again;
Soul boils and freezes;
Mechta familiar flying around me;
I remembered previous years mad love,
And all, what I suffered, and all, that sweet heart,
Desires and hopes lingering deceit ...
Forests, forests, obedience fan,
Worry beneath me, moody ocean.
Alloy, ship, carry me to the limits of trepidation, With distant
According terrible whim deceptive seas,
But not to bregam sad
Misty my homeland,
Country, where flame passion
For the first time feeling flared,
Where gentle muse I secretly smiled,
Where early in the storms bloomed
My lost Mladost,
Where winged unfaithful to me the joy
And the heart of the cool suffering betrayed.
Seeker of new experiences,
I have fled, paternal edge;
I have fled, pets pleasures,
Minute minute mladosti friends;
And you, confidante perverse misconceptions,
That without love, I sacrificed myself,
peace, glory, freedom and soul,
And you have forgotten me, traitor mladye,
My friend's secret spring zlatyya,
And you have forgotten me ... But the old wounds of the heart,
Deep wounds of love, nothing is healed ...
Forests, forests, obedience fan,
Worry beneath me, sullen ocean ...

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