Who saw the edge, where the luxury of nature - Pushkin

Who saw the edge, where the luxury of nature
Animated oaks and meadows,
Where is fun noise and shine water
And peaceful caress the shore,
Where the hills under the arches of laurel
Do not dare to go to the gloomy snow?
Tell me: who saw the edge of a charming,
Where I loved, exile unknown?

Zlata limit! beloved land Elvina,
To you my desire to fly!
I remember coastal rocks rapids,
I remember a funny water jet,
And the shadow, and noise - and the red valley,
Where in the silence of ordinary Tatars family
Among the concerns with her friendship and mutual
Live under the roof of a hospitable.

Everything is alive there, all there eyes delight,
gardens Tatars, villages covering,cities;
Reflected waves rocks Gromada,
The sea gave lost ships,
Amber grapes hanging on the vines;
The meadows are noisy roaming herd ...
And sees the swimmer - the tomb of Mithridates
Illuminated by the sunset glow.

And there, where myrtle noise over fallen urn,
L see again through the dark forest
And rock vaults, and the azure sea shine,
and clear, as joy, iebesa?
Subside if violent agitation life?
Is beauty past years rise again?
Do come again under the shade of sweet
Soul sleep in the bosom of peace laziness?

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