A life, puzzle, dark - Block

A life, puzzle, dark,
A life, the grave, bezmolvna,
Let awaken from sleep
Passion impulsive wave.

Passion boiled chest
Woe human forgotten,
There is nothing in front,
Past haze closed.

Only then silence
Reigns in the heart of the cold;
A life, puzzle, dark,
A life, like a desert, barren.

Let us passion play,
It consolation of flour.
fully, foolish, extend
By the heaven silent hands.

Billboards dano umam
God found in high places,
Eternally destined to wander
In the field empty and obscure.

If this empty
Life is delight,
It did not go quiet,
This ecstasy of love.

Let us passion play,
Let the waves will carry it ...
Eternity, you do not understand,
A life, the grave, bezmolvna.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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