The call snow storms - Block

Snow-white had no winters
And peristey tuchek.
You gave me into the hands of
Silver key,
And I have owned your heart.
Quietly climbed over the city smoke.
died sounds.

White rose drifts,
And darkness was opened.
Swam silver sickle.
And we have carried out,
Both doomed
on the wane.

Wind vzvihril snow.
Sunset moon crescent.
And piercing gaze
You measured the distance of the country,
Location sounded the horn
snow, blizzard chorus.

And darkness wrung her hands,
Wrung her hands in height.
You lowered eyes,
And we rushed.
And they rose up to meet new sounds:
snow flew,
rang horns
the incident of the night.

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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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