№2 arts Army Order

This is for you -
questioned baritones -
from Adam
to our age,
stunning theaters called brothels
arias Romeov and Juliet.

This is for you -
as ripe as horses,

gnawing and laughing beauty of Russia,
hiding in workshops,
the old dragon
flowers and bodies.

This is for you -
covered with leaves of mysticism,
forehead wrinkles tear -

tangled in a web of rhymes.
This is for you -
on a shaky changeable
sleek hairstyles,
on paws - varnish,
putting patches
on a faded Pushkin tailcoat.
This is for you -
dancing, blowing,

and openly surrendering,
and sinning in secret,
drawing for themselves the future
huge academic ration.
I tell you
I -
ingenious or not ingenious,
tossed trinkets
and working in Rost,
I tell you -

until you were kicked out with butts:
drop it!

drop it!
and on rhymes,
and on arias,
and on the rose bush,
and other melehlunds
from the arsenals of the arts,

Who is interested in this,
what - “Brother, here's the poor!
How he loved
and how unhappy he was ...”?
not long haired preachers
we need now.
Locomotives groan,
blows in the cracks and into the floor:

“Give coal from the Don!
mechanics in the depot!”

Every river has its source,
lying with a hole in the side,
the ship was docked:
“Give oil from Baku!”
While we can, we argue,
seeking the innermost meaning:
“Give us new shapes!” –

screaming through things.

No fools,
waiting, what will come out of his mouth,
stand in front of “maestres” a crowd of razin.
give new art -
to drag the republic out of the mud.


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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