The last page of the Civil War

Glory to you, Chervonozorianyi hero!
having washed the earth with blood,
the glory of the commune,
the mountain behind the mountain
walked strongholds Crimea.
They crawled tanks ditches,
sticking out his neck guns, –
bodies ditches filled you,
clicking on the corpses Isthmus,

for okopami vzrыli trench,
whipped lead river, –
and you
otobraly they Perekop
almost bare hand.
Not only you conquered Crimea
and white is divided crowd, –
Your double blow:
conquered them

work great right.
And if
Life in the sun is doomed
these gloomy days,
we know -
your courage, she
taken in the storming of Perekop.
In one word thanks to merge
Krasnozvezdnaya lava,

Till the end of time, companions,
you -
glory, glory, glory!


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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