Not difficult, lilies of the valley breathing

Not difficult, lilies of the valley breathing,
writing poetry in the suburban dacha.
And we are not.
We instead of a pencil
took up
on a brand new wheelbarrow.
Mr. Minister,
show lodge!
cadet, pozhalte, sit down, nate.

In queue!
In queue!
Do not hover, gentlemen.
all Rental.
All will remain - and allies and enemies.
first large, then small fry.
All of Russia
through laughter and hubbub
we will roll.
frightened looks

Neva aristocrat.
But and Narva,
and Vyborg,
and Ohta
peals of laughter burst of defiance.
Look, whether any thing has not overlooked?
That there was no indulgence is shown to anyone.
Time does not wait,
hurry, companions!
Each take on a wheelbarrow!


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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