My attitude to this (anthem still almost)

May there has blossomed over the city,
Is crying, like a beaten, hmurenky dekabrik, —
all year round, this chubby face
looming in the fumes of factories.
Sagging paunch and nasty
It lies on the air slope,
and puffy lips bow
stacked in 88.
Downstairs bustling workers,

Beggar at the pedestal is visible,
and it has a belly and everything else -
is currently fed, how Sytin.
Delicious saliva wave overflowed,
mouth huge splash, in bay,
A full! Christ, to which he full!
Compare with him if, the thin and Apukhtin.
koni li, tsokaya, on asphalt race,
Do pedestrians shuffling turned up under his eyes,
and it all seems: “sprat! sprat!” —

shout it, and all he likes, damned.
growing smile, fat and required haste,
from ear to ear grown,
if he had the face to show Gala
started a troupe of Ukrainians.
The sun will rise, and now his ray
it tickles the heels sleek,
and the moon finds nothing better.
publicly declare: I am very unhappy.
I'm calm, polite, too restrained,

character - both from ivory accurate,
but this would take and even gave in the face:
I do not like it I '.


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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