An extraordinary adventure, formerly with Vladimir Mayakovsky in the summer at the cottage

(Pushkino, Eva Goran, Rumyantsev cottage, 27 miles of Yaroslavl VC. below.)

The one hundred forty sunsets burned,
It rolled into July summer,
It was the heat,
the heat floated -
at the dacha it was.
Hillock Pushkino humped
Shark mountain,
and the bottom of the mountain -
the village was,
the roof crumbled with bark.
And beyond the village -
and into that hole, probably,
the sun went down every time,
slowly and surely.
And tomorrow
flood the world
the sun rose alo.
And day after day
terribly angry
It was.
And so one day I get angry,
that in fear everything faded,
point blank I shouted to the sun:
“Get down!
just hang around in hell!”
I shouted out to the sun:
“Come on in!
you are covered in the clouds,
and here - don't know any winters, not years,
sidi, draw posters!”
I shouted out to the sun:
Listen, златолобо,
than so,
go idle,
to me
would go for tea!”
What have I done!
I am lost!
To me,
spreading the beam-steps,
the sun is walking in the field.
I want not to show my fear -
and retreat backwards.
His eyes are already in the garden.
Already passing by the garden.
Through the windows,
at the door,
entering the gap,
the sun was falling,
tumbled down;
taking breath,
spoke in a bass:
“I'm driving the lights back
for the first time since creation.
You called me?
Tea chases,
гони, poet, jam!”
A tear from the eyes of the very -
the heat was maddening,
but I to him -
on the samovar:
sit down, light!”
The devil pulled my insolence
yell to him, –
I sat on the corner of the bench,
I'm afraid it wouldn't work out worse!
But a strange one from the sun
flowed, –
and gravity
I'm sitting, talking
with the luminary gradually.
About that,
I'm talking about it,
what has stuck Rosta,
and the sun:
do not be sad,
look at things simply!
And I, you think,
- Come, try! –
But you go -
started to go,
you go - and you shine in both!”
They talked like that until dark -
until the former night that is.
What darkness is already here?
On “you”
We had, having completely mastered.
And soon,
friendship is not melting,
I hit him on the shoulder.
And the sun too:
“You yes me,
us, comrade, two!
Let's go to, poet,
I exemplify,
let's sing
the world is in gray trash.
I will pour my sun,
and you are yours,
Wall of shadows,
prison nights
under the suns a double-barreled gun fell.
Poems and light of commotion -
shine anywhere!
Get it up,
and wants the night
lie down,
stupid dream book.
Suddenly - I
in the whole world to be able -
and the day rings again;
Always shine,
shine everywhere,
until the last days of the bottom,
shine -
and no nails!
Here is my slogan -
and the sun!

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