Good attitude to horses

Hit the hooves.
Sang like:
- Mushroom.
Rough. –

The wind blows,
shod with ice,
the street was slipping,

Croup Horse
crashed down,
and immediately
behind the yawn, yawns,
Kuznetskiy’s pants flared,
laughter rang and tinkled:
- the horse fell!-
- the horse fell!-
Kuznetsk laughed.

I alone
his voice did not interfere with him howling.
and I see
horse eyes ...

The street overturned,
flowing in its own way ...
I came up and see -
behind the drops of the temple
rolls in the face,

hiding in the wool ...

And some kind of common
animal longing
splash spilled from me
and blurred in a rustle.
“Horse, do not.
Horse, listen -
what do you think, that you are worse?
we are all a little horse,

each of us in his own horse”.
May be
- old -
and didn’t need a nanny,
may be, and my thought seemed to go to her,
got to her feet,

and went.
Waving its tail.
Red child.
Happy came,
became a stall.
And everything seemed to her -
she is foal,
and it was worth living,
and it was worth work.


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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