Do not.
Do not ask.
There will be no tree.
How did
in the forest
let dad go?
To him
from the forest
nuclei fragments
stretch out,
to take it,
predatory paw.
It is impossible.
burning sparkles
will not lie
under the tree
in cotton wool.
there -
a million deadly sedges
but the wounded won't have enough cotton.
Will not light.
There will be no candles.
In the sea
iron monsters climb.
And from these monsters
evil people
are waiting:
will it shine in the eye by the windows.
Do not speak.
Foolish Speeches Make:
so grandpa come,
so heap of toys.
No grandfather.
Grandfather at the factory.
This is the one, who makes gunpowder.
There will be no music.
where to get him?
Will not sit down, I play.
Your brother
armless martyr,
is, shining, at the gates of paradise.
Do not Cry.
Do not frown faces.
Will not be -
so what!
all, in a joyful cry
intertwining voices,
will meet a new christmas.
Christmas tree will.
Yes, what -
you won't grab the trunk.
They will hang different radiance on the tree.
It will be a solid Christmas.
So that
even -
get tired of celebrating.


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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