hymn bribe

We come and praise pokornenko
you, dear bribe,
all here, from junior janitor
before, who embroidered with gold.
all, who for our right hand
dare to reproach eye news,
we so, as they never dream,
punish the scoundrels of envy.
To no longer dare to billow hula,

put on their uniforms and medals
and, pulling forward a convincing fist,
ask: “And this is seen?”
If you look from above - razinesh mouth.
And grow from each muscle joy.
Russia - the top - right garden,
poured all, flowers and pyshitsya.
Did you seen somewhere, To stand a goat
and climb into the garden Kose laziness?..
It would be time, I'd proved,

which - goat and greens.
And nothing to prove - go and take.
Umolknet evil because newsprint.
like sheep, it is necessary to cut and shave their.
Why shy in his own country?


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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