judge anthem

Red Sea sailing convicts,
difficulty raking galley,
roar covering the chains neighing,
yelling about his homeland of Peru.
About paradise yelling Peru Peruvians,
where the birds, dancing, Article
and where the crowns of orange flowers
were sky high baobabs.
banana, pineapples! The joys of the pile!

Wine in a sealed pot ...
But here it is not known why and how
on Peru naperli judge!
And the birds, and dancing, and peruanok
circle imposed by Articles.
The eyes of the judges - a couple of cans
flickers in cesspit.
I got orange peacock blue
under the eye of his strict, how post, —
and instantly faded peacock

magnificent tail!
A near Peru flying across the prairie
such birds - hummingbirds;
Judge caught and down and feathers
Hummingbird poor shaved.
And no one in the valley today
mountains, volcano burning.
The judge wrote in every valley:
The poor of Peru, even my poems

a ban on pain of torture.
The judge said: “they, that the sale,
drink too”.
Equator trembling from the chains ringing.
And in Peru besptiche, bezlyude ...
Only, viciously huddled under the arches of laws,
live dull judge.
And you, Yet unfortunately Peruvians.
In vain he was given a galley.
Judges prevented and poultry, and dance,
And me, and you, and Peru.


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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