Wet, like she was licked,
Sour air blows like mold.
is it possible
what's newer?
beatific, who ever did,
at least closing your eyes,
forget you,
unnecessary, like a runny nose,
and sober,
like narzan.
You are all so boring, exactly
there is no Capri in the whole universe.
And Capri is.
From flower shine
whole island, like a woman in a pink bonnet.
Let's drive trains to the shores, and the shore
forget, shaking bodies in steamers.
We open dozens of Americas.
In unknown poles we will make rest.
Look how smart you are,
and I -
over there my hand is rough as.
May be, in tournaments,
may be, in battles
I would be the most skilled swordsman.
So funny, with a lucky hit,
watch, spread his legs like.
And here's the enemy, where are the ancestors,
sent swords logic.
And after the fire of the gilded hall,
forgetting the habit of sleeping,
spend all night long,
buried in yellow-eyed cognac.
AND, finally, bristling, like a hedgehog,
come with a hangover in the morning,
to threaten an unfaithful beloved, what will you kill
and throw the corpse into the sea.
Rip off the jackets and cuffs nonsense,
paint the starchy breasts under the armor,
bend the handle on the table knife,
and we'll be all for a day, yes spaniards.
All, forgetting your northern mind,
loved, fought, worried.
the land itself
call for a waltz!
Take the sky again above,
invent new stars and exhibit,
to, frantically scratching roofs,
the souls of the artists climbed into the sky.


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Vladimir Mayakovsky
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